Afternoon Delight

After a pretty hectic week and the boy receiving some bad news over the weekend I decided to get us something to have with a huge cup of tea in the afternoon.  Say hello to Ghermez.
They are like the upper market cupcakes in the cupcake world (even though the icing designs aren't the most mind blowing) they taste out of this world and are so incredibly light and airy in texture.  Yum yum.

I got Blueberry, Vanilla and Red Velvet which without a doubt has to be my favourite. 


  1. Gorgeous....... i adoooooooooreee CUPCAKES!!!

  2. Love your blog Following you!!
    I'd love it if you check out mine and tell me what you think!


  3. Thank yooou! Cupcakes are my major weak spot, esp when they look that pretty! x


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