No I can be nature girl from time to time and will happily rough it out in the middle of nowhere with my sleeping bag and tent with a few friends and the boy in tow.  However (and I know people have blogged about this already) I would defiantly, 100% sign up for a weekend of Glamping.  I know all the men out there are thinking 'peh' all you need is your swag and to sleep under the stars.
This is all well and good but now that I live in Australia you have all kinds of crazy insects and reptiles that I would want to mess with. Hence why Glamping would suit me down to the ground.  Your sleeping outside but with a few luxury home comforts.

My little bit of home

So I have been back in the UK now for over a week and have two to go.  The last time I was home I wasn't too interested in being back and couldn't wait to get back on the plane back to Australia, but this time I am loving being home, seeing everyone and enjoying the beautiful cities and country side of the UK.
I am actually going to find it so hard leaving this time around and saying goodbye.
My first week has been so busy and hectic not to mention trying to get over the jet-lag as quickly as possible.  This weekend I have my best friends, sisters wedding (she's pretty much a sister to me anyway) and I am SO excited.
The wedding reception is being held in a Castle near to us and I just hoping for beautiful weather for a beautiful day.  Fingers crossed!

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