New leaf

I finally have a new wardrobe to hold all of my clothes after our last one gave up.  It is a little on the big side but I love having all the doors as mirrors compared to our last one which had the two narrowest mirrors ever, you could barely see what your outfit would look like.  Now I can see what clothes I have, storage for my bags, shoes...and new clothes of course!

Excuse the shoddy camera work....had just got in from the beach.

I also did a sneaky purchase during a quiet five minutes on my lunch break at work.  I bought a MAC lipstick, Shy Girl in cream sheen.  My lips do change colour but are usually a soft pink colour a majority of the time.  With a coat of Shy Girl it adds a nice pinky sheen to my lips.  The texture is perfect and it glides on without a hitch.  I'm not usually a huge lipstick wearer, only for big occasions I'll wear a muted pink here and there but I'll defiantly be checking out more of the MAC the cream sheen lipsticks again.

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  1. Your new wardrobe looks great! so chic.

    Thank you for dropping b my blog.

    accidental encounters


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