Bon Voyage

One more sleep to go.  I fly to Fiji tomorrow morning and I am beyond excited, I'm almost like a five year old on Christmas Eve!  The boy and I are sharing a bag (no idea how we managed to compact everything down to one suitcase for seven days) I usually take the whole house and the sink anywhere I go.  But I'm guessing it will be hot so little is needed right?

A while ago I ordered some bits from Topshop and I was getting a little nervous that they would arrive while I was away (Australia post is not the best) but to my amazement there was a lovely polka dot package waiting for me when I got home after what felt like the longest day ever.

So what did I order....

Please correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is one of their limited edition lipsticks.  I fell in love with the colour instantly.
The shade is called Pillow Talk.  It's a gorgeous soft pinky tone but very pigmented.  I usually do a few dabs along my lips to get a hint of the colour through and then for evenings I would apply with a thicker layer.

It feels gorgeous and moisturising on your lips which I like.  My lips dry out quiet easily so matt lipsticks out  normally out of the question unless I apply a balm underneath.  I'd highly recommend this little gem for your make-up bag.

Next was a blush in the shade Pop.  Now I normally like to test as much make-up as possible before buying online but I was in one of those spontaneous moods and went ahead and ordered it.  Feeling a little nervous when opening the packaging, I was stunned by out bright it was.  But when applying it lightly to the apple of my cheeks it gives a lovely peachy/coral tone.  I'm really looking forward to trying this while on holiday and looking a little sun kissed.

Topshop is finally opening in Sydney at the end of the year so I'm hoping they will have the make-up concession there as well so I can try out everything else.

Right, this was a super quick post I need to dash and finishing packing.  I know I'm going to forget something essential, but as long as I have my ticket, passport and bikini I'm a happy bunny!
Adios! x


  1. I really want to try one of those blushes - I've heard such great things!


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