Electric Feel

For a few weeks now I have been making little sneaky pitt stops into Wittner's while doing my rounds of Westfield and pa-rousing their endless array of gorgeous shoes and wishing for every single pair to be mine.
After seeing the beautiful Kim L from Accidental Encounters post where she shows her new purchase of the exact same shoes, I instantly fell in love with them.
So tonight after a late night shopping sesh with a friend and it being pay day, we popped in and tried them on (along with THESE bad boys which looked amazing on) followed by heaps of posing, I got the card out and made the purchase without a seconds thought.  
I am so in love with these and with Fiji being less than a week away and summer just around the corner, the bold electric blue and turquoise will look gorgeous with a tan.  I know these won't be to everyone's cup of tea but they are my new pride and joy!

My rubbish lighting hasn't shown off the colours to the full effect.  Will get a better photo during the day!


  1. Oh my Lord, but they are gorgeous! I've been loving your blog!

  2. These are gorgeous shoes :) the colours look beautiful x

  3. Thanks lovelies. I am a little obsessed with these and will have to try limit myself to wearing them every now and then!x


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