Leaving on a jet plane.

Follow my blog with bloglovinThere are only a few more days until I am saying goodbye to Sydney and heading back home for a three week holiday.  It's been over two years since I've been home and I am more than excited to catch up with everyone, do a bit of shopping and have home cooked meals again.  Hopefully the sun will be shining for my visit.
Here are some photos of the beautiful place I lived in the UK called Malvern.

Baking delight - with a twist

For Easter we spent most of it at our friends new apartment down at the beach drinking for four days straight. On the Sunday we were heading back over for a BBQ and Easter Egg hunt in the garden. I decided to do a bit of baking for the occasion but with a bit of a twist and colour.
I saw a while ago on the internet a rainbow cake. So I found a simple recipe and off I went.
Take a look. I think it turned out pretty well!

Before baking

Nails inc

I get very bored of my nails an always always paint them every few days. I usually stick to very pale pinks but every now and then I splash out and try something that I wouldn't normally go for. This also usually occurs when I'm uber bored on on skype.

It's here!

So finally Zara has opened in Sydney in its new and amazing Westfield. When Zara opened two weeks ago it was the talk of the town and not to mention uber hectic.
The queue snaked around and even down Pitt Street Mall. The opening was like a boxing day sale. Stock cleared off the shelves in a matter of hours. They have to get fresh new stock in every two weeks and even less than that to keep up with the high demand.

I decided to pay Zara a visit today, two weeks after it opened. My boyfriend came with me as he needed new work stuff and always use to buy there when we lived in Frankfurt and back in the UK.
So we get there and there is heaps of security at all the entrances. They luckily tell us to go straight in. You walk straight into the ladies section. One word to sum up what greeted us....manic!

It was like it was the first day it opened. Women with arms full of clothes, throwing clothes around on the tables trying to get their size. The queue for the till and fitting rooms were endless.
I found myself getting slightly stressed and my boyfriend bailed upstairs to the men's department which was 5 times quieter than the lower lever.
He found his items and while he was paying I decided to give the ladies another go. I worked my way around and found two blazers. One in beige and the other in black. Quickly tried one on and raced over to the till to get out of there as soon as possible. While my boyfriend managed to escape outside I tackled the tills. Fifteen/twenty minutes later I handed over my hard earned cash and the blazers were mine!
With a quick dash out of there we were done. Don't get me wrong I love Zara and will defiantly be back again (maybe early in the morning) but when it's that insane I can't cope.

All in all I am one happy bunny it here, finally after three years of living here. If your in Sydney, go check it out and the new Westfield's on Pitt St Mall. It's amazing!

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