Sail away....too Selfridges.

What a perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon or a cheeky lunch break up on the roof of London's Oxford Street Selfridges.  Newly opened, the general public can go and float about on their new bright green lake while sipping cocktails.  It even has it's own lifeguard someone takes an unfortunate plunge!
I must say am utterly jealous of this new venture that the closest thing we have to that in Sydney would be the roof top pool at the Ivy on George st.

This is the first time the gardens have re-opened since WW2 where they use to have cafe's a golf course, gorgeous gardens and hold fashion shows.  But when the building got bombed in 1940 the owner of Selfridges vowed never to open the roof garden again.  Until now!

The whole thing was created by Bompas and Parr (I would say they are a Heston Blumenthal of the Jelly world)  Known for making anything and everything from jelly have also in the past done chocolate events with elaborate chocolate waterfalls and yummy treats.

So check it out if you can and take in the views of the bustling London.

Social Networking from above.

So it's early, I'm hungover as hell and whilst I get ready for what will feel like the longest day ever I stumbled across the below.  Ariel shots of cities in Europe, America and the world showing people who use Flickr and Twitter.
The red dots represent Flickr, the blue Twitter and the white is people who have posted to both.
I personally think this is pretty amazing.





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