To All My Followers

As I'm sure you are all aware there as been a lot of hype the past few months about the GFC - Google Friend Connect. Google have decided to do away with this handy little tool which is a big inconvenience for followers of blogs.
This now means that all my beautiful followers who are displayed nicely on my blog page now have to find other means of following me and all your other fellow bloggers who you follow through this tool (see image below of GFC)


Now there are plenty of other ways to follow blogs.  I personally find BLOGLOVIN one of the easiest ways to follow all your favourite bloggers and keep up to date with everyones posts.  Once you have completed reading it, click 'mark as read' and it will remove it from the list and leave other posts waiting for you to delve into.
You can follow others and me on Twitter @JessMHeath which I keep updated daily with posts, a silly amount of photos and also indicate when a new blog post is up.

Or you can subscribe and follow me via e-mail.  It's totally up to you.  I'm going to be taking a look at Hello Cotton which is another fun, pretty blog site where you can follow new and old bloggers of yours and that might be making the move there also.
I'm going to scope it out and will keep you posted if I do.

Hopefully see you on the other side and so long GFC!

Kindle Touch

For Valentine's Day this year I was lucky enough to get the super skinny mini Kindle Touch.  Now anyone and everyone in my family and friends can tell you that I never use to be a big reader, until the last year or so I've really been really getting into books.  I'm a kind of light n' easy reader at the moment and now I have my Kindle it's great for storing all my future books I want to read.

I finished a month or so ago Russell Brand's first book, My Booky Wook which is hilarious.  An easy read and an insight into this turbulent life from a young boy up until his MTV days.  I did also purchase his second book which I am storing for a future beach read.
Now I am currently reading The Hunger Games.  I've heard such good things about this book series and am quickly trying to read it before it comes out in the movies.  So far so good and I'm hooked.

This is the perfect gift for adults and children.  If you are an avid book worm and get through books like no tomorrow this is the thing for you.  You can store endless amounts of books, newspapers and magazines on there and it's slim compact size is superb for your commute to work, slipping into your handbag and it's no glare screen is great for beach reading.

People in Australia can get it from the American Amazon site from as little as $99 with built in Wifi or this one from the UK Amazon site for 89 pounds.

If anyone has any book recommendations I'd love to hear them.
Happy Reading!

Weekend Away

For Christmas my boyfriend really wanted a tent.  For ages he has been wanting to go camping so I treated him to a nice four man tent.  With this, this meant we had to go camping.  I use to love camping, it's one of those great British traditions but baring in mind the last time I went was when I was about seventeen to a 18-30 campsite in Newquay, Cornwall.  This was an experience in it's own and certainly not resembling camping when I was a little girl where me and my brothers use to roast marshmallows over a crackling fire, tell ghost stories and wake up in the morning to the smell of crisp crackling bacon.

The weather this weekend was phenomenal, a typical Sydney summers day 29C, so we decided to head north to the Central Coast and Port Stephens.
A little factoid for you, Port Stephens is renowned for it's massive sand dune that's 1km wide and 34k in length.  It's so long you can't see the end...check out the panoramic photo below.

Morning view

It was a great weekend away getting back to nature and relaxing on some of Australia's best beaches.

I'm sorry I've been a bit M.I.A on the blogging front due to writers/bloggers block and being super busy.  I'm hoping to get back into it this week with regular posts.  I have missed the blogging world.

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Aveeno Eye Illuminator

I have a big love/hate relationship when it comes to eye creams.  I'll use them religiously for a few weeks/months then feel a bit meh about the whole thing and that it's not doing anything.  Now I am back in the 'let's try another one' phase.  The other day I stumbled across Aveeno's Eye Illuminator.  I must admit I always see their products in the store but have never purchased any, partly due to the price being a little ridiculous.  

Anyway, the skin under your eyes is so delicate and precious that you need to take such great care with it when moisturising and taking off your make-up.  If you pull and tug under there in a good few years the skin will loosen and you will have saggy bags under your eyes.  No-one wants that.
All it needs is a bit of TLC and a spring back into life.

You can use this in the morning before you apply your make-up and at night when going to sleep.  It suppose to reduce dark circles around your eyes and give it a natural radiance and even out your skin tone under your eyes with the added help from Mr Vitamin B.

I've only used it once (last night) so need to give it a bit more of a road test, but the cream is so chilled once applied which really soothes your skin and does appear to soften and even the skin tone.   
The packaging is nice and compact so can easily fit into any handbag or make-up for all those busy on the go girlies.

This get's a big thumbs up from me and you only need to use a small amount ever time, which means it will last and you can then kind of justify the price.

Warrior Dash

Today a group of us took part it an event called Warrior Dash.  This takes place all over the world but there is only one in Australia so everyone comes from near and far to take part in the messiest obstacle course going.

The run is just over 5ks and during that you have to wade through a massive swamp with pot holes the hight of me, climb over walls, under barbed wire, swim through a get the idea.  It was so much fun.
We were suppose to start at 2pm, which then got delayed, then the mother of all storms moved in as we were waiting at the start line and hail the size of golf balls started pelting down.  We had to make a mad dash to the porter loos (which we now know you can fit 8 people into) to get shelter.

Anywho, two hours later, shivering in the cold, we started.  Then the sun came out! 

It was so much fun slipping and sliding everywhere and the muddier you were the better.  
There are several that take place during the year. 

Tough Bloke
Tough Chick
Tough Mudder
Warrior Dash

I would highly recommend these to anyone.  It's so much fun and a great excuse to get messy and have a nice beer at the end as a reward.

Valentines Gifts

Gift's for the Ladies

1. Smythson Travel Clutch - 400pds (
2. Personalised Havaiana Thongs - $29.95 (
3. Personalised Postcup - create your own message for the mug (

4. Personalised Clothes Hangers - $23.00 (
5. Best Friends PB & J - $26.00 (  my fave...too cute

Above are a few things that caught my eye for Valentines day for the guys and gals out there.  I know there is only a few days to go so everyone better be hitting the shops or have something fancy up their sleeve for their other half. 
For me, I don't really celebrate Valentines Day or if I do I much prefer the the simpler things.  Like creating a heart from Jam on his toast, post it notes dotted around your home with little messages on them that kind of thing.

Whatever you prefer, I hope you all have a wonderful day.  
I've always believed you should show gestures of love every day wether it's to your boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, father, siblings, family and friends etc. 
Valentines Day is just like any other day.  You love every day of the year.

Gift's for the Guys

1. Author Collection Wood Tobacco Smoking Pipe, hand carved - $19.00 (
2. Paco Rabanne 1 Million Cologne - price varies in countries 
3. Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Balm - $35.00 (
4. Painted Moustache Shaving Mug & Brush Set - $38.00 (

.......starting to see a trend here with Etsy!  What can I say, I love it.

*pictures from online sites.


Koalas To The Max

An odd title I know but I found this the other day and was instantly hooked. 

Once the big dot appears, run your mouse over it and it will divide into smaller ones.  Keep going until the circles are really tiny....then you will finish with a picture.  
Can you guess what?

Yes it's a little long winded but I stuck it out till the end and it's something different to do if you have five minutes to kill, plus it's cute.

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My Week


My fave - prawn salad

Longest moving escalator under Sydney city 
Bondi sunset

Rose Bay

My boyfriend sat next to K-Fed on a flight


So I haven't been holding up my end of this promise where I said I would take better quality photos for my OOTW posts and not just in front of the mirror. Oops.  My excuse; really bad weather at the moment and a busy bee.  I have a few afternoons/evenings this week where I hope to venture out and get snap happy and have a change of scenery for you guys.

* Top - Topshop
* Clutch - ASOS
* Shorts - Zara

Yes more purchases, I know.  I had been waiting for the top to arrive for three weeks from Topshop, which was a little annoying.  But anyway first world problems and all that. 
It arrived and I love it.  Every shop I went into today asked me where it was from and said how much they loved it.  If your heading to a Topshop grab one and try it on, it also comes in blue which is too gorgeous.
The clutch which is from ASOS is my new obsession.  It's big so can fit all your essentials in it and adds a pop of colour to an outfit. (I think the pattern is suppose to be like cogs, correct me if I'm wrong)
It's also a laser clutch so the black parts have all been cut out and that is the under section.

* Nicole by OPI - Shell me the truth
 Finally is the polish.  This caught my eye as I was racing past the shop front like a mad woman.  The colour in the bottle is true to the colour on the nail.  Under different light it shows up gold, salmon pink and a spot of purple.  The above photo is with just one layer but have since added another and it looks even more dazzling.

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