Wax away

An American artist has decided against using traditional paints and pencil and has gone back to his childhood roots with using wax crayons.
He starts off by scanning a photograph then breaking it down into larger coloured blocks. He places thousand of crayons onto a grid before adding a wooden frame as a finishing touch.

Here are some of his pieces which I think are outstanding....

Nail it

So my latest obsession is my nails and constantly painting them.

I've recently discovered this awesome set by OPI that comes with a metallic nail varnish and the other is a shatter varnish. It does exactly what it says on the tin!
Once you've painted your nails with the desired colour, then go over the top of it with the black shatter varnish. Pretty much instantly it starts to take shape.

Here are mine from the other day.

I also came across a London founded nail salon called WAH which also has a salon in the basement of Topshop on Oxford Street, London.
The designs they do are just amazing. Varying from the more simple patterns to the absolute crazy and bizarre.

Take a look at some of the below.

C'est la vie

I have two days until I embark on my four week holiday extravaganza! I wasn't really thinking about it until today, now that i'm nearly all packed and have some last minute things to do I am itching to set off.
My friends arrive back in Sydney on Monday arvo then Tues morning we go to collect the camper van then set off into the sun set...well sunshine. You get the idea!
Goodbye chilly Sydney, work and hectic lifestyles and hello sun, sand and beach after beach after beach.

Below is where we will start and finish up in Cairns.

Australia's Next Top Model

Last night was the final of Australia's Next Top Model with three of the girls battling it out for final place (and yes this show for the past how ever many weeks has been my version of a chocolate addiction)
The three girls were Kelsey, Amanda and Sophie, all gorgeous girls.

Kelsey was my favourite to win. Even though she is a little short side for the modelling industry, she pulled off the most amazing photos throughout the cycle being one of the strong favourites throughout the show. She knew how to work her body, angle it to make her appear taller and work the light on her face. Even though Kelsey came second I do hope that her modelling career does take off.

Here are some of Kelsey's photos from the show...

Amanda was the winner (eventually) from cycle 6. After an embarrassing mishap where Sarah Murdoch was told that Kelsey was the winner, then only to discover several minutes later it was actually Amanda. Kelsey totally understood the mistake and took it all with absolute grace. In the end as compensation, she too got a $25,000 prize money, an all expenses paid trip to New York and her cover is also getting published for Harpers Bazaar along with Amanda's.

So back to Amanda.
She is just stunning and ticks all the boxes to be a model. A fantastic face and bone structor, a body to die for and not to mention she has the height.
She took a number of knocks throughout due to her not knowing how to work or move her body and not being able to relax her mouth.
However after some practice and words of wisdom from the judges she pulled out some outstanding shots and which led her to win the competition.

Sophie Van Den Akker also went through to the live final along with Kelsey and Amanda as the judges the week before couldn't decided who to send home and would leave it up to the general public to vote.
Sophie came into the competition and was instantly labelled the 'Paris Hilton' or 'Barbie' wannabe. She has a bone structor like no other, an amazing body but she also covered her face in think make-up, white pale lips and awful bleached blonde hair with the worst extensions. The transformation from Barbie to now was a tough one though. She didn't like her hair being dyed darker, then cut, and then cut even shorter again.
But with the new short hair look her photos were killer and in the words of Alex Perry...expensive. She also knew how to work her face, jaw line from the new hair and her eyes would show so much emotion.
I think out of al the girls Sophie went through the biggest transformation looks and attitude wise. Take a look....

Eco warrior

I am LOVING this idea of the Green Box. This New York based company ECO (Environmentally Conscious Organisation) think up ways of saving and improving food packaging so that it's safe for the environment and cost effective.

It is true that once you have devoured your scrummy pizza you are left with this ridiculous square box clogging up your bin or recycling and this is where Eco Green box would come in.

Take a look for yourself and tell me you don't think that this is a genius idea.

Running by.

Today, the 19th September hosted for run's in Sydney. The Sydney Marathon, the half marathon, the 9k Bridge run (which I did) and the family fun run.
We all met over in Milson's Point and got into our groups. I was with my boyfriend and his cousins. 9.15am came and off we went, with the boys racing ahead of me. I was adamant I would stick to my own pace and battle it by myself.
Running up over the Harbour Bridge was amazing. Seeing all these people running through which is normally dominated by cars. Once you get over the bridge you then run down and around past the Domain and through to the Botanic Gardens.

I'm not a natural born runner, so did find some bits challenging but just had to push through it. Not the easiest thing when you have little seven year olds racing past you with their parents. You then go down and around to Mrs MacQuarie's chair and back onto the way you ran in. The hill was a killer but helped knowing that there was a drinks station just over the hill. Once you get through there you pretty much are on the home straight and have no excuse to stop now. Running down with the harbour and Opera House opening up in front of you as you cross over the finish line, crowds cheering, music blaring a wave of achievement goes over you.
I found my boyfriend and his cousins who completed the race in about 45mins. I think I did it in about 70 mins. Will be checking the results and photos tomorrow.
Now for a beer, pizza and a movie!

Drawing dream

Dalton Ghetti carves pencil led into miniature artworks, each taking up to two years.

East coast is calling.

The other week my boyfriend and I went for dinner with some friends of ours (two girls I went to uni with and their friend Matt they came travelling with) We got talking about their travelling as their 1 year working holiday visa is almost up.
My boyfriend suggested that I go meet them up in Magnetic Island and then they said if I wanted to do the whole trip with them!

So today I am off with the girls too book the epic trip that will be the East Coast!

Byron Bay
Fraser Island
and The Great barrier reef

Words cannot explain how excited I am about this trip! The whole of the east coast, in a camper van is going to be amazing!

A little piece of paradise.

Now that my boyfriend and I have a car and all this new found freedom to explore we decided last weekend to head south of Sydney and check out Jervis Bay. We have had heaps of recommendations to check this place out. I personally was thinking what the hell can be that out of this world that is within NSW (beach wish, obviously Sydney and the harbour totally rock my socks.)
So we headed off mid morning. We were told it takes about three hours to get down there. It took us about four and a bit due to us stopping at little towns and masses of beached.
We eventually reach Jervis Bay on a windy, chilly but sunny winters days. We stayed in one of the main towns there called Hodgkisson. A cute little place, with a petite harbour and a strip of cafe's and shops.
After we put our bags away in the motel we went for a walk down to a beach opposite where we were staying. The water was calm and looked out to all of Jervis Bay (which is a pretty huge bay)
The sand was as white as anything, it looked like snow and made a funny squeaking noise as you walked. The beaches there go on for miles and are almost deserted.

After a day of exploring we went and got some dinner then to bed to catch up on some Zzzz.

In the morning we grabbed brekkie, checked out and decided to go for a drive into the National Park. On the map we head for one of the beaches furthest away, Murray Beach. When we walk down to the beach which opens up in front of you. A massive strip of white and crystal clear blue just goes on and on with only two other people there. You own personal beach.
Well I fell in love. Instantly. The only annoying thing was that its still winter and the water was cold. So the next time I head down there I will be at Murray's and in that water as fast as you can say hotdiggiety!

After we left we then went to explore a few more beaches and walks through the bush we decided to head on home.
The weekend was fantastic and NSW has some amazing little treasures hidden away.

Happy 80th Birthday Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Today the Sydney Harbour Bridge turned 80 years old. It is one of the most iconic land marks in the world along with Sydney's Opera House. Both make the harbour so dramatic with the bridge joining the Northern suburbs with the south.
They are truly breathtaking and even to this day I never get bored of looking at or seeing these masterpieces in the city I live.


Beep Beep....

So my boyfriend and I have been living in Australia now for over two years and we have just got our first car....at last!
So now we are able to go on road trips around NSW, VIC and QLD and I cannot wait. Starting with a trip in the next few weeks to Mansfield to visit family and hit the ski slops!
I really cannot wait! Finally a bit more freedom than having to reply on public transport and car rental!

Alba love.

Last month Jessica Alba featured in and on the cover of Genlux Magazine. Unfortunately I stumbled across the pictures on the Daily Mail website during a bored lunch break at work. They instantly caught my eye.
I have always loved Jessica Alba. Her style, beauty, always seems to be carefree. These shots by Tom Kenneally showed a playful, super stylish Alba posing along side dolls. In some comments online a lot of people found them creepy, freaky and bizarre. I think they are awesome and very well co-ordinated.

Take a look....

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