Wax away

An American artist has decided against using traditional paints and pencil and has gone back to his childhood roots with using wax crayons.
He starts off by scanning a photograph then breaking it down into larger coloured blocks. He places thousand of crayons onto a grid before adding a wooden frame as a finishing touch.

Here are some of his pieces which I think are outstanding....

Nail it

So my latest obsession is my nails and constantly painting them.

I've recently discovered this awesome set by OPI that comes with a metallic nail varnish and the other is a shatter varnish. It does exactly what it says on the tin!
Once you've painted your nails with the desired colour, then go over the top of it with the black shatter varnish. Pretty much instantly it starts to take shape.

Here are mine from the other day.

I also came across a London founded nail salon called WAH which also has a salon in the basement of Topshop on Oxford Street, London.
The designs they do are just amazing. Varying from the more simple patterns to the absolute crazy and bizarre.

Take a look at some of the below.

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