Today's Outfit

 First outfit of the day in a long time I'm sorry.

Today I am wearing: TopTopshop, Flare Jeans - ASOS, Shoes - Betts, ClutchSabo Skirt

Bracelet - Dotti

Was going to venture outside for these little snaps but the rain on my parade.  Autumn has arrived with it's scarf and jumper on. Brrrr...

Bondi Hardware

It was such a beautiful evening the other night it seemed a shame to have spent it hidden away at home indoors, especially as it is officially autumn here now so we having to make the most of these gorgeous days before they go.
I love nothing more than going for some dinner and a few cheeky drinks down in Bondi, it has the best atmosphere and is bustling with some of the prettiest people in Sydney.

We had originally decided to go to our fave Bondi Trattoria which not only has a killer view of the infamous Bondi Beach but I can also highly recommend the Whole Baby Snapper and the one dish that I will not share with anyone (not even the Queen) is their Chocolate Creme Brulee with Poached Cherries & Coconut Sorbet.  It is to die for.

As we were walking down we went past Bondi Hardware.  This use to be until late last year, the hardware shop of Bondi where you could literally buy anything.  Sadly he went out of business which then made way for Bondi Hardware.  Yes they kept the same name, same sign out the front but a stunning transformation inside.
Behind the horrible mdf walls was this stunning brick work screaming to be admired.  The front of the restaurant has a gorgeous open window so you can sit, sip cocktails and people watch till your hearts content.
Running through to the back by the kitchen you have rustic tables with the odd name here and there etched in chalk for reservations and plump colourful cushions propping up the wall.

Near the back you can perch yourself next to the kitchen and watch the mouth watering dishes get whisked out to awaiting tables.
The food is heavenly.  Thought up in mind of people sharing each dish rather than one per person it ranges from hearty salads, tapas style dishes, mezze plates, pizzas and my favourites the Sliders mini cheeseburgers and the mini NY hot dogs.
I however would also highly recommend the Goat curry.

Drinks range from bubbly, red/white & rose wine, refreshing ciders, beer and some intriguing cocktails.  Water gets served to you from glass vases and chunky trinkets.

How amazing do the Elderflower Ice Pops sound.

If I had known we were going to eat here I would have brought my own camera and taken photos.  My camera phone just didn't do it justice (as seen in image above!)
However I'm planning on heading back this weekend for some brekkie so will snap away then and update you all.

I would highly recommend Bondi Hardware.  If your wanting to go for dinner, even lunch I would say call ahead to reserve a table so not to disappoint as it's currently the seen place to be in Bondi and is always packed.

They are open seven days a week:    Mon-Wed              Thurs-Fri                  Sat                      Sun                
                                                       5pm - 10pm        Midday - 12am       9am - 12am         9am - 10pm

*all images bar one were taken from Bondi Hardware website due to me not having a camera with me!

Kilpatrick Oysters

This is the best little starter to a meal or for a light dinner.  Kilpatrick Oysters.  So easy to do you will be coming back for more.

What you will need:

  * 12 of your finest oysters - shucked
*  1 cup of rock salt
* 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire Sauce
* 135g rindless bacon - diced
* 1 tablespoon parsley leaves chopped
a few wedges of lemon

Pre-heat your grill to a medium heat.  While it's warming up get a large sized plate so that it's able to fit all of your oysters.  Place a thick layer of rock salt on the plate (if your worried about putting your dish under the grill use a heat proof tray)  then arrange the oysters in their half shells on top of the rock salt.

Sprinkle the oysters with what has to be my fave, Worcestershire Sauce and top with the finely chopped bacon.  I lightly grilled mine before, then diced into little cubes and popped back under the grill for the remaining 6 - 8 minuets until it starts to crisp.

Once done, sprinkle with parsley and serve with lemon and voila your Kilpatrick Oysters are ready for devouring. 

Old News, New Purchase - Topshop Allegras

I was one of the unlucky ones to miss out on the Topshop Allegra bandwagon.  I had been eyeing them up for ages online and with a bit of a hefty price tag it kind of put me off.  Then one pay day a wave of spontaneity came over me & I thought this could be my one splurge from the UK and by the time I hopped on there to get myself these little beauties, to my dismay they had sold out!

First world problem I know but I was slightly devastated.  Especially as our seasons are back to front from the UK so I shop for winter clothes in our summer so I am stocked up with UK goodies by the time it's our winter.  If that makes sense.
I know a lot of you will think it's silly of me to keep purchasing clothes from the UK but if you came here and saw just how expensive everything is, especially clothing, you would be doing exactly the same.

So every few days like a little desperado I would check to see if they back in stock and you guessed it....SOLD OUT. NOT AVAILABLE.  Weep!
Ebay was ridiculous and not even worth looking at.
On the Youtube and Twitter grapevine I heard about this website that does amazing dupe Allegras. It's called Chockers Shoes.  They were reduced and I thought why not, they look near identical so I purchased and was a content little bunny.

On the off chance the other day I was back snooping on the Topshop site at their boots and in the sales and what popped up.....
Limited sizes left.
I'm a size 39 but after reading lost of reviews on them I clicked for 40's and ordered there and then without a moments hesitation. And the best part.....they were reduced from 75 pounds down to 35 pounds!  YES 35 pounds.

I am now the proud owner of Allegras and dupe Allegras (which I will have to give to a friend or someone)  Anyone who is looking to get the dupes, they are fab.  Softer than the Topshop ones and the heel is I about half a cm shorter. If you are after the real deals, keep checking the site they might pop back up.

This little beauties are going to be perfect for the incoming autumn and all the rain we are suppose to be getting. Boo!

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