As it gets nearer and nearer to pay day and my bank balance is nearly zero, there is always something that takes over me and I have to go shopping even if I am pretty much nearly begging for money.
If I can't find anything clothes wise I know I will always have some luck with beauty products.
So the other day i stumbled into Priceline to find me some goodies. This involves a bottle of Big & Beautiful Volumising shampoo by James Brown (and no, not the singer!)
It's a little on the pricey side of $15.99 but I was so sucked in by the design and the thought of having big-ish hair I had to buy!

So this morning was D-day and I tried out Big & Beautiful. While washing my hair it didn't have that soft silky feeling and I had visions of my hair getting tangled up. Combing it out afterwards was a little annoying but once I blow dried it it felt amazing....and BIG!
Even though my hair is wavy/curly naturally it tends to be pretty flat on top. So I do a small bit of back combing and hair spraying to give it some life.
I love how much oomph and bounce it has. Defiantly a good purchase and will have to try other products from the range for sure.

I also bought some Sally Hansen Complete Care 4 in 1 Treatment nail polish. I have been a huge nail bitter for as long as I can remember. I can stop for a few months here and there but then the bitting begins and they just look horrific. I also was a slave to the acrylic nails for a good three years I think which is really bad for your natural nail.....as I am finding out now!
So since taking the acrylics off myself (not a good move but I always did) my nails are uber weak. I've had to file them right down to little stumps.
I am now resulting to Stop N Grow and putting a little light nail colour on to stop me from having a nibble!
I've been a big fan of Sally Hansen's products, including her Hard as Nails and Nail Growth polishes (which did work in the past)

So it's time to give this a go.....

I originally put it on as a base coat then painted Sweetpea by Australis over the top. You can pretty much use it as anything. Base coat, a layer in between or as a strengthening top coat.
I think it's working pretty well. My nails before we as thin as paper, no joke and they are a lot stronger now.
Hopefully I'll have lovely strong nails in no time.

I know they look really bad but they are in the growth process. Fingers crossed I am keep going and resist the bitting temptation.

He's so into her

I absolutely love the model Andrej Pejic. He is stunning and has such an amazing versatile look that every label, designer and magazine want him.
Some may find it a little creepy at how much he can look like a female but it just blows my mind. The nineteen year old was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina and grew up in Melbourne, Australia. He was first noticed in the Paris shows 2010 when people started to ask who the blonde girl was!
The big names he has modelled for include Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Gucci, ID magazine to name but a few.
Take a look below at some of awesome shots...

I cant wait to see Andrej's carrier blossom especially over the next coming months and years. I can only imagine this are going to get better for him and I hope he doesn't change his look for anybody.

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