It's arrived!

My Kigu arrived today along with my friends. I decided to get the Frog while my friend opted for the Penguin. I have never been more excited!
Check out how amazing, cute and comfy these things are....I could buy them all!

Weekend away to Jervis Bay

This weekend myself and around 16 other people are taking a trip down to Jervis Bay. It's about a three hour drive south of Sydney and its just stunning.
Every beach has the whitest sand that contains silicone in it. So when you walk on it, it squeaks beneath your feet. Because of the silicone it is also awesome for cleaning silver jewellery.
So girls grab your jewellery box and race on down there!!

Anyway for the 16 of us will de-send onto Jervis Bay along with 40 bottles of wine and a keg of beer for BBQ' s and beach fun.
They (or we) won't know what's hit them!

Blooming lovely

I had to do a double maybe even triple take at these photos. They are A-mazing! The artist is Cecelia Webber takes heaps of photos of naked people and then spends hours and months manipulating and colouring them into the shape and colour of flowers. Using the models back as the petals and legs and arms as the stems.
Each image takes her a good two or three months to put together, from taking the photos of the models and editing it all together.

Anyway take a look.....a really good look and admire.

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