Flying Visit

Two weeks ago I flew to the UK for a mini holiday to see family and friends.  I know I have called it a holiday in this paragraph but I don't regard going back to the UK a real holiday (I don't want this to come across as mean, but to me..) a holiday is sightseeing and lying on a beach soaking up the sun!
Every time I go back home my days are crammed with seeing people and traveling here there and everywhere.  It's full on, a little exhausting and 99% of the time results in me getting ill.
Now this still doesn't mean I haven't had a blast catching up with everyone, lunching with friends, drinking and dancing the nights away and the endless amount of laughter.
I loved every minute of it and as a result of this I am rather homesick.  I'm waiting for the Aussie summer to help me get through this!

Here a few snap shots of my trip, home town and what I got up too.

Pit stop in Dubai....for 16 hours!

A walk with the dog on the hills


My bestest friend in the whole world

My bedroom has the best sunsets

Goodnight London - from Centre Point Tower

Prince Harry made an appearance!

My new tapestry bomber jacket

Somebody wants a W.A.L.K.

The Pout Musketeers 


Worcester looking beautiful

After a 23hour flight I am back in Sydney and a day at blustery Bondi blew the cobwebs away and helped me stay awake till at least until 8.30pm!!  Be gone with you jet lag!

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