Lust Have It #1

In my previous post (Beauty Box #1) I said how I had subscribed for another beauty sample box but couldn't remember what one it was.  I did start to panic as I couldn't find any emails or anything in my history. But after doing a bit of goggling I found it. Welcome Lust Have It.

After tracking it's every move while in transit it arrived on my door step today.  The packaging was pretty battered and I was hoping everything inside was intact.  Once opened there was a tissue wrapped package  with blue shredded paper bursting from the sides.

So it wasn't a nicely packed as my Beauty Box was but the samples were far more generous and interesting.

Inside my Lust Have It parcel was:

* Lancome ~ Genifique Youth Activator (RRP $115.00 - 30ml)
* LimeLily Cosmetics ~ Cream Blush (RRP $14.95 - 2.5g)
*Lush ~ Honey I Washed The Kids soap (RRP $7.95 - 100g)
*Taut ~ Collagen Orange Drink (RRP $84.95 - box of 8)
*Kerastase ~ Resistance Range x3 -Brain De Force Shampoo (RRP $55.00 - 250ml)
-Ciment Anti Usure Treatment (RRP $65.00 - 200ml)
-Ciment Thermique Reconstructor Milk (RRP $60.00 - 125ml)

This first product caught my eye straight away.  I had heard about this recently in the media but couldn't really remember why until I read the fact sheet.  Taut - Collagen Orange Drink is the new celebrity secret.  They recommend you drink a chilled bottle three or four times a week and that it 'provides you with an easy and delicious natural source of concentrated bio-available collagen'. Right!
On opening the bottle it smells like an orange liquor chocolate you get at Christmas time.  
I'm still not 100% sure if I'm going to drink this.  I don't feel like I need to drink a concoction to keep me healthy.....that's what water is there for!
Also as a side note the say the product contains Shark cartilage extract and if you suffer from seafood allergies that this little beast is not for you.  I would be interested in how they got the extract.  I may be giving this one a miss. (update: boyfriend just downed the drink. Not the most pleasant)

So my hair is in desperate need of some TLC.  I take a lot of care in my hair and use Moroccan oil religiously but every now and then I do need a really good deep conditioner or treatment.  I was so happy to see several Kerastase samples and cannot wait to try out the treatments this week.  Silky hair here we come!

Last but not least the Lancome

I've been using this for a few days now both morning and night after I moisturise my face and it has left my skin feeling so soft and smooth.  I've only been using a small amount as it spreads well and it holds under my foundation without leaving a sheen or patches anywhere.  The consistency isn't the best.  Its like a a runny oily texture (like the watery layer you get on top of a yoghurt) So apart from that it does seem to work wonders.  Still not sure I could justify spending $115 for the full sized bottle but if you don't mind splashing out I would defiantly recommend it.


  1. i really wanted to try the orange drink ... but don't think i will now ! I would love you to take a peek at my blog

  2. Give it a go, you might like it!


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