DIY Lady doodle

My Mum bought me a few years ago a doodle pad with a semi naked guy on it. At the time I just used to to scribble notes down and do the odd bit of drawing while on the phone. But after coming across this on the net I'm gutted I didn't explore me creativeness more and try and attempt something like the ones below. The detail is outstanding and the images are so varied and captivating.

Truly amazing!

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.

This whole office in Amsterdam is built entirely of cardboard (minus the PC's, equipment, sofa's) I love this. It looks so clean cut and edgy. I'd love to walk through and really see if it's possible to work in a place like that.
Knowing me I'd have the urge one day to go rugby tackle a wall or table and see what happens!!....maybe that's just me and my childish ways!

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