Hey big spender

The past few weeks have been none stop for me and we are already half way through October.  Where is the time going to?
Over the weekend our wardrobe which has held my clothes crammed in a few shelves for three years, finally gave way and burst all of my clothes out onto the floor.  This for me was pretty upsetting and not to mention the gaping hole in the door.
So I went through item by item seeing what I would be wearing and what I haven't worn in ages and did a massive sort out.  Which was pretty rewarding. Also moving out all my winter clothes into storage in the sun room helped with additional space. So with a trip to Ikea planned for the following weekend it was time to get ruthless!

Obviously after doing this (I wasn't in the best of moods anyway) I decided to do a little retail therapy of course. With a shifting of funds into the old tommy tank (that's 'bank' in cockney rhyming slag if you were wondering) I heading into Westfield.  I also had an hour until the shops were closing which made it all the more fun for me as I had to buy them before it was too late.

My purchases were:

* MOR wash bag in white
* Paco Rabanne perfume ~ Million lady
* L'Oreal ~ Studio secrets anti-redness primer
OPI ~ Lip front & personal
Models prefer ~ eyebrow pencil in medium
Portmans sunglasses
Elie Saab ~ Le parfum sample
* Jean Paul Gaultier ~ Le male sample
* Mariah Carey ~ Never forget you, Inseparable & Vision of love samples

Sadly my Jo Malone is on it's last legs.  As much as I adore the smell (Nectarine blossom & honey) I fancied a bit of a change.  I went through a phase where I went off the usual perfumes you get in your department store as I thought everyone had the same one and there never was such a good a verity as there is now.  I was there for a good while stuck between Burberry Brit or Paco Rabanne.  As you can see I went for Paco.  
It smells divine. A strong but sexy smell.  Great for a spring/summer evening I reckon.  The bottle is in a shape of a girls best friend, the diamond.  Not only does it look great but it smells fantastic. 
I only bought the 30ml as I couldn't justify spending that much more for the 50ml with all the money I had spent already.

As I said in a pervious post I am obsessed with nail polishes.  So today of course I made the trip to the OPI counter and browsed rows upon rows of colours.  I was after a shimmer polish, which I never normally go for.  I found 'Lip Front & Personal'.  A gorgeous subtle gold/silver shimmer which looks great once applied.  I had a layer of Essie's 'Topless & Barefoot' on already and loved how it looked over the top.  A perfect, fresh shade for summer and would go with any outfit.
This is with a layer of Essie's Topless & Barefoot underneath

After browsing OPI. I found this beautiful make-up/wash bag.  It has a kind of art deco look to it and I love the pattern.  It also comes in white.  Already thinking these could be good christmas presents for some of the fam.  MOR do a great range of body lotions, soaps, fragrances (some which can be a little pricey) but they leave you smelling absolutely amazing.  I especially love their lip balms and candles.

Every time I walk into Priceline I always find myself standing in the L'Oreal section giving the tester another go knowing full well I'll leave with the same feeling as the other day....meh.  However today was a different day and now that the weather is slowly getting warmer I am noticing a few little red areas on my cheeks.  Nothing over the top but I have always wanted to know if the old faithful green primer really does do the trick.  Tomorrow will be my first day to give it a whirl so I will see how it goes.  This may come in handy in Fiji.

I did also buy a gorgeous blue/purple maxi skirt, a skinny brown belt which was my only item from the day that was on sale and kimono dressing gown for summer but I'll pop those into another post this week for you.

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