Over the rainbow

I will confess that I did use to bite my nails and then had acrylics religiously for about four years.  Not only are they expensive to keep getting them tended too they also ruin your nails underneath making them weak and flakey.  
Half way through this year I stopped biting them and purchased every nail strengthener, grower and bad tasting polish I could get my hands on and it's done the job.  I still have to keep them fairly short as they are still strengthening but I really enjoy being able to wear nail polishes now without worrying about how bitten my nails are or grown out acrylics.
So with these new found nails that I have, I've gone a little polish crazy and buy new ones all the time like today when I guiltily bought two Essie polishes.  Oops!
As summer is slowly edging in I love a mixture or pastels and brights.  Below is a photo of my go to colours at the moment.

*OPI ~ Color so hot it berns
*Revlon ~ One perfect coral
*Revlon ~ Sunshine sparkle
*OPI ~ Shorts story
*Essie ~ Chastity
*Bloom ~ Flamingo sands II
*Revlon ~ Passion fruit (scented)
*Elf ~ Mint cream
* Deborah Lippmann ~ Glitter in the air

*Essie ~ van d'go
*Essie ~ topless and barefoot

I am in love with Van D'go that I bought today.  It's a colour that will look great with a tan and can really add to an outfit.  These two will defiantly be coming in my with me to Fiji.  Essie and OPI would have to be my guilty pleasures, which isn't good as they rack up to nearly twenty bucks each. Yikes!
Happy shopping!


  1. Pretty polishes! I used a to be a nail biter too - now, I pretty much live for long nails!

  2. Your nails are Amazing Sophie! All for long polished nails!


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