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For Valentine's Day this year I was lucky enough to get the super skinny mini Kindle Touch.  Now anyone and everyone in my family and friends can tell you that I never use to be a big reader, until the last year or so I've really been really getting into books.  I'm a kind of light n' easy reader at the moment and now I have my Kindle it's great for storing all my future books I want to read.

I finished a month or so ago Russell Brand's first book, My Booky Wook which is hilarious.  An easy read and an insight into this turbulent life from a young boy up until his MTV days.  I did also purchase his second book which I am storing for a future beach read.
Now I am currently reading The Hunger Games.  I've heard such good things about this book series and am quickly trying to read it before it comes out in the movies.  So far so good and I'm hooked.

This is the perfect gift for adults and children.  If you are an avid book worm and get through books like no tomorrow this is the thing for you.  You can store endless amounts of books, newspapers and magazines on there and it's slim compact size is superb for your commute to work, slipping into your handbag and it's no glare screen is great for beach reading.

People in Australia can get it from the American Amazon site from as little as $99 with built in Wifi or this one from the UK Amazon site for 89 pounds.

If anyone has any book recommendations I'd love to hear them.
Happy Reading!

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  1. I adore my Kindle as well. It really does make you read more!


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