The weather this week has been all over the place that I didn't know what to wear in the morning as by the afternoon it could be pouring or scorching.  Monday and Tuesday was so hot and so humid. 34 degrees in the city would be fine normally, but when Mr Humidity decides to mess with your day it is insanely uncomfortable.
Everyone in the CBD was dashing around into air conditioned shops or walking as slow as possible so not to break out in what would look like a menopausal sweat!
Today it's grey, dreary and raining on and off.  
For heading into the shops on my day off I decided to rock a new blazer I bought from Zara this week.  It is so soft and comfortable it felt like I had had it for months and moulded to my body so well.

Blazer - Zara $89.99

Sorry about the unimpressed look!

Have a busy weekend ahead.  Going to a Pasta making cooking class on Saturday which I'm really looking forward too.  I will try and take some photos if I can but will probably be covered in flour!  
I'll then finally be able to tell my Italian side of the family that I can now make my own pasta from scratch, which I'm sure they will be thrilled about!
Followed by a pampering day on Sunday getting a mani/pedi and a spot of lunch with a friend. 

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  1. Your blazer is gorgeous ! That colour is lovely on you :) x

  2. I totally love this look, your shoes & blazer look gorgeous with the whole outfit!!! Your hair are awesome! Kisses... <3

  3. Blazer and bad are amazing! I love this simple but beautifull look! And your hair.. lovely!!:)

  4. the blazer is absolutely to die for, the colour adds a bright and unique touch! no need to say that the longchamp is a very classy touch! xx


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