Aveeno Eye Illuminator

I have a big love/hate relationship when it comes to eye creams.  I'll use them religiously for a few weeks/months then feel a bit meh about the whole thing and that it's not doing anything.  Now I am back in the 'let's try another one' phase.  The other day I stumbled across Aveeno's Eye Illuminator.  I must admit I always see their products in the store but have never purchased any, partly due to the price being a little ridiculous.  

Anyway, the skin under your eyes is so delicate and precious that you need to take such great care with it when moisturising and taking off your make-up.  If you pull and tug under there in a good few years the skin will loosen and you will have saggy bags under your eyes.  No-one wants that.
All it needs is a bit of TLC and a spring back into life.

You can use this in the morning before you apply your make-up and at night when going to sleep.  It suppose to reduce dark circles around your eyes and give it a natural radiance and even out your skin tone under your eyes with the added help from Mr Vitamin B.

I've only used it once (last night) so need to give it a bit more of a road test, but the cream is so chilled once applied which really soothes your skin and does appear to soften and even the skin tone.   
The packaging is nice and compact so can easily fit into any handbag or make-up for all those busy on the go girlies.

This get's a big thumbs up from me and you only need to use a small amount ever time, which means it will last and you can then kind of justify the price.


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