Warrior Dash

Today a group of us took part it an event called Warrior Dash.  This takes place all over the world but there is only one in Australia so everyone comes from near and far to take part in the messiest obstacle course going.

The run is just over 5ks and during that you have to wade through a massive swamp with pot holes the hight of me, climb over walls, under barbed wire, swim through a river...you get the idea.  It was so much fun.
We were suppose to start at 2pm, which then got delayed, then the mother of all storms moved in as we were waiting at the start line and hail the size of golf balls started pelting down.  We had to make a mad dash to the porter loos (which we now know you can fit 8 people into) to get shelter.

Anywho, two hours later, shivering in the cold, we started.  Then the sun came out! 

It was so much fun slipping and sliding everywhere and the muddier you were the better.  
There are several that take place during the year. 

Tough Bloke
Tough Chick
Tough Mudder
Warrior Dash

I would highly recommend these to anyone.  It's so much fun and a great excuse to get messy and have a nice beer at the end as a reward.


  1. That's so cool and you all make such good warriors haha, that hail sounds mad, didn't you worry that the porter loo would fall over?x

    1. Haha, there were people pushing on it from the outside trying to shelter, but luckily it didn't otherwise we would have been covered in all sorts! x

  2. love the post!!


  3. - well done for Completing it. Thanks for your lovely comment xx


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