One of my outfits from this week.  Yes I was wearing boots in the middle of summer.  It was Australia Day Eve and we were on our way to a BBQ and we were in the middle of a tropical rain storm, so boots were a necessity!

Also again a shoddy photo, my bad.  It was literally two minutes before we dashed out into the rain so was another super quick shot.  Will do better next time I promise.

These boots are my new obsession.  They are so comfortable to wear and sych soft leather.  The heel on them is a great height so they are perfect for during the day or dressing up in the evening.

* Tee - Country Road
* Jeans - ASOS
* Boots - Bertie ASOS

I have this tee in white also, they are so easy to wear I'm tempted to go buy another, plus they are currently in the sale.
Hope your all having a good week.  It's the weekend here and the sun looks like it will be shining on the weekend. B.E.A.C.H. 


  1. I think I have the exact Country road tee but in yellow! so comfy and a great basic essential to add to your wardrobe! :) thank you for the lovely comment! :)

    accidental encounters

  2. love the boots, they have such a great heel ! x

  3. Nice look!


  4. Hey hun, thanks for your sweet comment feeling much better now ;-).
    Fab outfit and I love your boots. You can't beat a basic tee they go with everything and look cool too.


  5. your boots look fab - who cares if it's mid summer! hope you had a lovely australia day, go have a nice sunbathe for me it's like 2 degrees in england :( xo

    1. Haha will do darl! Though it was a stinking 34 degrees today and I was in jeans and boots! Yuk yuk yuk, was not a pretty sight! xx

  6. you've got beatiful hair!!!
    come to my blog and follow me:
    www.aleksandres.blogspot.com :)


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