Wardrobe Organising

This post I took from my other blog Sweetness In Sydney.  I thought I would share it with you all on this one and is a nice change from the usual posts I do.

Now this isn't the most exciting of titles for a blog post but having a clean organised wardrobe makes a huge difference.  Ladies wether it's yours your thinking of doing or your better half's it's so rewarding to have a clear out and cull all clothing you don't wear any more and sort out the items you are keeping into manageable piles or hanging space.

Wether you have a small wardrobe with a few shelves or drawers, a bigger version with shelves and hanging rail or the luxury of a walk in wardrobe any space can look in order.

After getting a new wardrobe myself recently, my clothes have been folded, stowed away and hung by colour range.  I decided to tackle my boyfriends clothes.

My pet hate as I'm sure is every stylist's or fashion fiend's is wire hangers.  I know people get excited about getting them from the dry cleaners but they do nothing for your clothes.  There is no proper support in them to hold your clothes or give the correct shape they need. E.g. shirts and tailored pants.

It's best to invest in either wooden or plastic ones and for special items even vintage pieces, cushioned fabric hangers. 

After throwing out all of the wire hangers and replacing them with wooden and plastic ones I then organised all of my boyfriends shirts into colour order.  I know this might seem a bit over the top but it's a great way of being able to view what you have and find what you want straight away.

Next I tackled his shelves of tops.  I also sorted these into colour order and placed t-shirts on two shelves, light jumpers and board shorts on the lower and heavier jumpers on the upper shelf.  Belts and other accessories I placed on the shelf under the shirts.

I think I became this obsessed about organising clothes like this while I work in a shop a few years ago as a junior VM.  Everything had to be folded perfectly and the hangers had to be finger spaced apart, which you can see the benefit of.
I think it's a vast improvement and my boyfriend was very pleased with how it looks.  Now let's just hope it lasts.

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