NARS Long-wear Eyeliner

For ages now I have been wanting an eye liner for my water line that's not a white (I find white a little too garish) but more of a nude/soft peach colour to brighten up my eyes.
I popped into MAC pretty confident I would find what I was looking for.  I was so disgusted with the service in there (well there was none) the MUA's were too busy gossiping at the counter and when I indicated for some help they both carried on.  So I dropped everything I had in my hands and walked straight out and headed for the NARS counter in Mecca Cosmetics.  
Straight away I found this gorgeous nude eyeliner.  The MUA came over and was so helpful and lovely.  Makes such a difference.

I ended up buying the Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in shade Rue Bonaparte 8056.  
The consistency is so creamy and it's waterproof. Hurrah!   
The MUA said that you may need a good make-up remover to get it off and it's defiantly a stayer, but as always found my baby lotion did the job just fine.

I did a few swatches when I was there the other week of some of the other colours (the green is just out of this world) and it was on my hand for the rest of the day. No smudging, nothing.
So I new this bad boy was going to be a worth while purchase.

The MUA also told me that at the other end of the pencil, if you twist it more will come out once your running low and if you pull the end off there is a tiny little pencil sharpener in there.  How fantastic is that.

All in all I am so impressed with this eyeliner and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a bit of eye brighting.  Girls if your in Oz and there is a Mecca cosmetics near you go check it out.  The MUA's are always so helpful in there and I'm regularly seen at the NARS counter with endless amount of swatches all over me!


  1. oh I've been looking for seomthing like this! Thanks for the recommendation :)

  2. I have a white eye pencil, but as you said I found it too distracting against my skin. I might have to try this out thanks to your lovely review, despite the price tag!

    1. I know right, the price is the only downfall. Still, you don't need to use that much, so it should last a good while. x

  3. Shocking, I had a very similar experience with the MAC girls in South Africa, If there was a NARS counter near by, I would have gone there instead.
    Glad everything worked out or you in the end :)

    1. Don't get me started, I wasn't impressed. Need to make some re-purchases in the next few days at Mac so will see how that ones goes! Others NARS it is for everything. xx p.s. nice to have you back on the blogging scene again babe.


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