Bobbi Brown

As a late Christmas present from my lovely Step mum I got a Bobbi Brown make-up bag of goodies.  I was like a little child when I saw what was in there.  
Inside the metallic silver bag was a gel eyeliner (which I am now obsessed with) eyeliner brush, a stunning metallic cream eye shadow and extreme party mascara.

* Long-wear Gel Eyeliner - Black Ink 1
* Ultra Fine Eye Liner brush
* Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadow - Black Pearl 6
* Extreme Party Mascara - Black

Let's start with the eyeliner.  I use to be a kohl addict.  Even when I was 15/16 this was my bible piece.  That was until I discovered liquid eyeliner and then gels which I think are the most effective.  The gel is so soft and glides on over your lids.  It's so black and matte which hits top marks with me.  I'm not a fan of glossy eyeliners.
I use to use the Maybelline gel liner but found that it would go hard and a little clumpy on the brush, where as this has stayed a great consistency throughout.

Following on from the liner is the mascara.  In a previous post I mention and raved about how much I adore Maybelline's The Colossal Volume Express Mascara.  This thing does wonders to my lashes.  However on trying the Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara I think I have a new runner up.  
The wand is jammed full of bristles and catches every lash on application.  It's lifts and adds so much volume to my lashes I was blown away by how good this little mascara was.
As much as a love this and will defiantly re-purchase once it runs out, I don't think I could even give up on my old faithful, Colossal Volume. 

Finally is the Black Pearl Metallic Cream Eyeshadow.  I am still yet to use this so can't really comment on application and it's staying power, but the colour is fantastic.  Hints of black and lilac glisten away in the little glass pot along with flecks of silver, I can't help but think this will look amazing for an evening out.  We have a dinner party next week so I think it will be this bad boys chance to shine.

I love Bobbi Brown products, the only problem is that it's so ridiculously expensive over here, as is all make-up.  I'm going back to the UK in June to visit the fam so I will be planning on stocking up all sorts while over there.  
Boots and Superdrug will be my home for the duration I can guarantee!


  1. Gel liner is so amazing. I am exactly the same as you, only ever used Kohl and liquid liner. One day I got my make up done and the girl did amazing cat eyes for me and I did not hesitate to buy what she had used and I haven't looked back since!


  2. thanks honey for the super sweet comment! these products look amaze! X

  3. That us a seriously stunning eyeshadow :)


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