Healthy Kebab

The other evening we had people over for dinner and for a starter we decided to do something light and healthy before delving into the main course.  This is an easy, no fuss recipe which will get the taste buds tingling.

What you will need:

1x Tub of Bambini Bocconcini
1x Bunch of Basil
1x Bag of Red Grapes
Handful of Prosciutto
Wooden Skewers

Prep time: 15/20 mins (took me 20 because I'm a bit of a perfectionist!)

These measurements depend on the number of people you are cooking for so you may need to alter.

Mini Mozzarella - divine!

The bigger the grapes the better.

Take a nice big juicy grape and wrap it up length ways along the Prosciutto, slide it onto the skewer so that it is about 2/3 cm away from the end.  Then you want to take one of your Bocconcini and place that in front of the Prosciutto. Finally add a Basil leaf, folded in half to add some colour and taste.

You want to repeat this three times on the skewer until it's looking something like this... 

They are quick and easy to make and crammed full of flavours. 


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