Whoopie Pies

The other day I really fancied doing a little baking (but the lazy way) using an already measured cake mix.  Betty Crocker and Donna Hay are probably my top two cooks when it comes to cake baking.  Donna Hay's cook books are just simple beautiful.  You want to be able to reach into the page and pick every yummy delight off and devour in one go.

I wanted to bake something a little different and couldn't resist when I saw Betty Crocker's Whoopie Pies.  I mean how cute are they!

There isn't really much point in me telling you the ingredients that you need as it has the key bits in the box and they tell you what else you will need to make these little bits of heaven; e.g. eggs, milk etc.

It's really quick and easy to do and a lot of fun decorating the end result with sprinkles.   I also filled some with the vanilla cream and a rhubarb and raspberry jam, which tasted amazing!

Here are some photos of the process....

They look more like little burgers than pies.

Highly recommended with a hot cup of tea, a comfy sofa and a good movie.


  1. Oh my god, I'm such a child when it comes to sprinkles I love sprinkles, these look amazing.x

    1. That's exactly why I bought the pack...because of the sparkles! Such a child, haha. x

  2. GOD this looks so yummy..... Irresistible!! Ohhh.....


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