My new name is now Miss No Willpower!  I have none, it has officially left the building and ran away.  Today however was a good day.  I spent.  And it was money that I don't really have.  Do I feel guilty....not really! 
I decided to have a bit of a change and go into the city,  I haven't been in for a while and was due a visit to Zara.  Early morning is the best time to go, especially into Zara as it's heaps quieter.  

After a slow mooch around I was a little disappointed that I didn't really find anything that caught my eye, but of course as I'm leaving I stumble across a table with pretty things on them.  I grab two pairs of pants and then see some shorts.  I'm hop-skip into the fitting rooms.  The pants were awesome but I wasn't too sure how they looked (i needed a second opinion) the shorts however were even better.  I decided to leave the pants.
I mean I can always go back and get them next week right?!
While at the check out I get sidetracked and start smelling all the purfumes. Bam.  Another purchase.  As I am leave I am feeling quite content.  After about an hour I discover the TRF section of Zara that I completely forgot about, hidden downstairs.  It was so quiet in there I could properly look around which was great.  
Strike two.  I purchase a blue dress.  What is wrong with me!!

I then head back to Bondi to meet a friend for lunch.  Followed by another look around the shops.  She tired on some gorgeous things but said the one word I can't when it comes to clothes or make-up. No!
After she goes I cave again.  I blame it on the glorious sunshine we had today messing with my head.
I remembered that a new MAC store had opened and I did need to get something from there.

The new winter collection is gorgeous.  There are some fantastic eye shadows that come in a snow dome glitter compact which looked amazing.
 I ended up buying the above.  This is the best glitter nail polish I have ever had.  I hate the ones you have to paint about four/five coats on to get a good even glitter effect.  With this you could even paint one and be happy with it.  The sparkles are a nice size, not too big or too small. 
It's name: Unconditionally Fabulous.  And it certainly is.

Everyone has to go and buy this little gem.

The item I actually needed was this.  MAC's Brow Set to keep those pesky eyebrows in shape and not get any rebel hairs that want to break out.

Other purchases over the past few days include...

Benefit's Erase Paste - Medium 2
Revlon nail polish - Girly (the MAC polish looks amazing over this)

The Revlon polish is really pretty.  A silver/lilac metallic colour.  If I had to think of a colour to do with space and the moon, it would be this!  It dries to nearly a matte. 

Oh yes I almost forgot the Zara purchases.  So as followed, the Zara purfume.  Now I'm always a bit funny about buying shops own perfume.  I've never thought they smell that nice until today when I was put in my place.  This is Fresia.  It smells divine.  It's not too over powering and smells so fruity and a flirty fragrance, perfect for summer.

Also how beautiful is the illustration on the box.
Finally here is the dress and shorts.  Now I know they look silly hung up and on the bed but as soon as I can do an outfit of the day I will.  The shorts are a gorgeous tailored fit and I fell in love with the colour (The pants I was going to get were also a similar shade)  So much blue!
The dress is fitted on the bust with a tulip skirt.  It's so pretty on.  Gorgeous with a tan and great for casual days or a evening event.

I'm going to try and refrain to buy too much stuff for myself now and focus on getting Christmas presents ticked off.  That saying I did order a MAC lipstick the other day.  Someone take my cards away from me!


  1. Mac nail polish looks amazing!! perfect for the holidays. Also, blue dress is lovely!

  2. I tried that very polish yesterday and nearly bought it but plumped for an OPI alternative, now questioning my choice :)

  3. Ceri the polish is AMAZING! You have to go back and buy it. Sounds like you have a nail polish weakness like me :D


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