Outpost - Art from the street

In Sydney Harbour is Cockatoo Island, a beautiful heritage listed island.  It holds numerous events throughout the year, you can go camping/glamping, hirer an awesome holiday home, go to music festivals there or just go for a day trip to check out the place.  
For just over a month they are holding an event called Outpost - Art from the Street.  All of the warehouses on Cockatoo Island displayed pieces by street artists however large or small the piece.  There was even an exhibition of the ever so famous Banksy, which was pretty amazing to see his art work face to face.  Over the next few weeks the exhibition will change and new artists will come in to show their work.

Some of the painting/murals were outstanding and so detailed they looked like photographs, but then there were others that I just really didn't understand but was able to still admire just how talented these guys are.  If your in Sydney go check it out, it ends on the 11th December...and it's free!

By Shannon Crees - check out her paintings, totally amazing!


  1. Great Post. I LOVE Banksy.


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