Fiji.  The land of exotic tropical islands, big smiles, scorching heat and relaxing on their sun kissed beaches.  This was where we spent the last seven days relaxing and sunning ourselves on the Coral Coast south of the main island.  The five star hotel meanders down a gentle hill making it's way to the beach with little garden huts dotted in between palm trees and beautiful flowers as you stroll down.  We were luckily staying right next to the beach looking out over sea.  Situated on a hill behind the hotel is  BeBe Spa and bar where we spent most evenings there watching the sun set over the coast and eating tapas and treating yourself to a Fijian massage before you indulge.  

  The weather for the seven days was fantastic and not a drop of rain threatened us.  
This was the perfect holiday and I wish I could click my fingers to back under the sun, relaxing with not a care in the world.

P.S. apologies for the crazy amount of photos, too many to choose from!

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