Glossy Box #1

Da da da has finally arrived!  Australia's first Glossy Box was waiting on my door for me after a very hectic day at work and I was so excited I raced in and tore open the box (ok not in such a manic way as I had to document this grand opening)
So a quick low down, I was originally signed up to Beauty Box.  A few months ago I got an e-mail explaining how Glossy Box has now taken over Beauty Box and that if we wanted to we could continue our subscription with Glossy Box.  Erm HELLO I jumped at the chance!

After seeing countless youtube videos and blogs about Glossy Box I knew I wanted to get my hands on one.  The are also renowned for their great products/presentation, the quality and size of the items.

The image below to the left is how it looks when it turns up on your doorstep.  All protected in a beautiful box and inside is it's trade mark pastel pink box waiting for you to dive in.

Once opened you are greeted with a welcome note from Glossy Box and on the reverse a run down of all the items that have been chosen for you.
Let's just say when I saw what was on the list a grin so large spread across my face.  

So what was in my first Glossy Box:

* Jurlique ~ Age defying Ultra firm & life cream  (RRP  $90/50ml)
Bio Oil ~  (RRP $14.95/60ml - $24.95/12ml - $34.95/200ml)
* Essie ~ Summer Nail Colour  (RRP $ 18.95 - 15ml)
* Bobbie Brown ~ Cleansing Oil  (RRP $60 - 200ml)
* Mirenesse ~ 3D Forever Gloss  (RRP $39.95 - 14g)

For my first box I couldn't have asked for better products.  However I have heard people back in the UK say that some of the boxes since their first have not been as good as the first one, but meh I'm super excited to see what will appear next month and you have to expect some ups and downs.

The first product that caught my eye was the Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil.  Firstly I love Bobbi Brown and have a few items making an appearance on my Christmas Wish List.  This Oil is a 2-in-1 formula that removes all traces of make-up and cleanses the skin while maintaining your natural moisture levels.  And the plus side, it's suitable for all skin types.  I am so excited to try this out.  So much so I will do tonight and will let you know how it goes.

Next was the Essie nail polish.  I am a huge fan of Essie.  The colours and texture is just fantastic.  It would have to come in joint first with OPI.  The only problem with Essie over here is that it is just so darn expensive.  So a good hunt down on the net for a cheaper buy is the way forward.
The shade is called Meet Me at Sunset.  I instantly painted it onto my nails and I adore the colour.  As I still have a bit of a tan from good old Fiji it looks great.  The shade is a bold red/orange.  A bit like a home brand Tomato Ketchup that can't quite hit the colour on the head.  Regardless of that awful comparison.  I love it!  Big fan.  Huge High Five and whatever other celebratory thing you can think of! 

Up next is Mirenesse's 3D Lip Gloss.  It comes in the colour Hot Kiss.  The colour did shock me at first.  I'm not really use to wearing dark coloured lipsticks/glosses but this would be fantastic for winter. It contains Shea Butter and Vitamin E which feels great on your lips and so moisturising.  It also smells so yummy.  There is no worry of this little beauty running out any time soon as its a good 14g in size.

I have always been a fan of Bio Oil.  I find its great for dry skin.  I use to get really dry legs, esp in the winter so I would rub a layer into my shins and leave over night.  Then in the morning I would awake with shiny new pins ready to face the day!  
I use to have stretch marks when I was younger but they have since faded over the years so am not able to try it out on them.  Though I have heard it works wonders.  We received a hefty 60ml bottle which I cannot wait to start using again.

Last up is Jurlique's Purely Age Defying firm and lift cream.  The cream is said to regenerate the collagen, elastin of the new skin cells and can be applied to your face morning and night.  On twisting off the lid half of the product poured out (Dam my clumsy fat fingers!) I have managed to salvage what I can and hopefully put it to good use today!
Jurlique have such a beautiful range of products, some with a bold price tag but you know you are getting your moneys worth when buying from their store.  They also make awesome Christmas presents with beautiful colourful packaging. 

To say I am a happy girl with my first Glossy Box would be a massive understatement.  I certainly look forward to next months.

Happy 1st December lovelies!


  1. your glossy box it's amazing, in italy it's really ridiculous :/

  2. This is their first one in Australia, so will be interesting to see what appears in the next few months boxes! x


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