Lust Have It #2

After coming back from my hols along with the holiday blues I had several packages waiting for me when I got in which certainly perked me up.  One of them being my second Lust Have It box.  When I saw it I literally did go 'ooooh' then 'hmm ah yeah'.  A wave of 'I wasn't so impressed with the last one' let's hope this one makes up for it this time around.  I have to admit I was left with pretty much the same feeling again.  Maybe it's just me, if someone else get's the Lust Have It sample boxes and has a different opinion I'd love to hear your comments.
I guess it's just I've seen so many others out there with a better quality of products that I am probably being fussy.

So I will shut up and press on.  The contents are as followed:

* RoC ~ Complete lift new Technology Daily Moisturiser  (RRP $59.00 - 50ml)
* Nude by Nature ~ Lip liner in Chique Natural Mineral  (RRP $14.95)
Lamcome ~ Tresor Midnight Rose perfume  (RRP $79.00 - 30ml)
Hawley International ~ Miracle Shine 2 step nail shiner  (RRP $6.95)
* Kerastase ~ Nectar Thermique  (RRP $39.50 - 150ml)

I've wanted to try RoC for a while now and have always stopped to look at their products but a slight wave of panic comes over me with what I would choose and I scarper down the isle.  But now three little sample bottles have made their way to me this month I am super keen to try it out.  They use in the cream 'Bugrane' which is a plant root extract that helps to plump and hydrate your skin.
Now it doesn't say when the best time of day to use it but seeing as it makes the skin look more supple I'm going with in the morning before you apply your make-up.  After a lot of sun the past week I think my skin would be grateful to me for some hydration!

This next product I have to say I'm a little disappointed with.  It's the Nude by Nature Lipliner.  Now I wear lip stick every odd day here and there but the thought of a lipliner just made me think back to the 90's or Pamela Anderson where they had darker/thicker lipliner than their lipstick.  For me this was horrific and a big make-up blunder!  I think I will always be stuck with this image that's why this product is a big no no for me.  I know there are people out there who still use it and correctly but I can't get that 90's looks out of my mind.  Sorry!

Now that I have stopped biting my nails I love anything that will make them look healthy, shiny and strong.  This month we got a Hawley International 2 step nail shiner.  It's pretty self explanatory.  The green side prepares and removes ridges on your nails and the white side shines.  I currently have a nail polish on, but when I take that off I will be certain to make my nails as shiny as diamonds.

The perfume sample is by Lamcome and it's called Tresor Midnight Rose and it smells gorgeous.  It's a real fruity summer smell, perfect for an early afternoon/evening.  One scent that really stands out is a black current smell which really adds to it and make's it last.  I'll try this today and see if I get any comments.

Last but not least is the Kerastase Nectar Thermique.  This treatment is designed for dry hair after heat damage through blow drying, hair straightening etc.  The last Kerastase product from last month didn't leave my hair feeling that great after the wash so I will see how this one goes.  Also with this you put it on towel dried hair and don't rinse off.  My hair never really copes well with those kind of products but I'm willing to give it a go to get healthy hair again.

Hopefully these will go down better than the last box.  I am pretty excited to test out the perfume and it may well be on my Christmas wish list if it pulls through!


  1. im in love with products from kerastase!
    loving that brand for the hair

    New outfit post -

  2. Such good products, how much did you pay for the box?


  3. Love it! :)

  4. Hi Stacee, it's $14.95 a month. I use to also get sample boxes from Beauty Box but they have now joined ranks with Glossy Box which I am pretty excited about! Eagerly awaiting it's arrival!! xx


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