Fiji time

Ok so I'm getting a little carried away....the boy and I have booked a seven night break in Fiji, however this little holiday is six weeks away roughly so I am wishing the weeks away (which is bad I know but this is our first holiday together in ages)

We're going to be staying in a resort south/west of the main island which is right next to the beach.  Since moving to Australia I am envious of everyone back in the UK booking cheap holidays to Europe and having long weekends in the South of France or Greece etc.  I do slightly regret not taking Europe to my full advantage while I lived there.  But still I've done more than your average 24 year old and I have been living in Australia for the past three and a half years, which get's heaps better summers than the UK will ever have.  
Not to mention to tropical Islands dotted to the East of Australia waiting for me to visit! So I guess I have one up on all of you back home....cheeky I know!

Anyway.  Fiji. Yes.  I am more than excited to say the least.  Here are some internet images of where we will be staying.....The count down is on!

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