World Record

I'm all for breaking a world record and today in Sydney's CBD Sally Hansen and Priceline teamed together to break the number of manicures completed in a certain amount of hours.  One hundred manicurists were seated to groom and polish thousands of nails in record speed.  The world record is currently held by the London College of Beauty Therapy last year when they completed 1,897 mini-manicures in eight hours.
Women, Men and Children were all invited to come and get their nails preened.  Women receiving a file, base coat, two coats of varnish (with a choice of six colours) and then a top coat.  Men would receive a file and buff to shine.
Judges walked up and down ushering the public to their seats and making sure everything was running to a tight schedule with each mini-mani taking approximately 12 minutes each.  Once your nails are done and you make your way out, your nails then get checked by adductors to make sure they reach the record breaking standard.  
There was a great atmosphere among everyone and all of the manicurists were super friendly.  I'll be keen to see if they beat the record.

Not the best mani ever, but not bad for a quick freebie!

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