The Wearer's Right

On the weekend a friend invited me to a fashion event The Wearer's Right.  It's an event spread over three days where fashion/jewellery companies show their new season stock (while you indulge is several glasses of champagne) before they hit the shops.  Most of the brands are based in the fashion hub of Melbourne and the rest are dotted around Sydney, NZ and Europe.
As you mooch around the stalls chatting to the designers and representatives, tall, leggy girls stroll around  eyeing up the clothes as the guys play table tennis and drink beer.  We were there as Media & Press.  My friend is a costume stylist for the movie industry so she was keen to see things were coming to the table.
We met heaps of awesome people and was great seeing how their companies work behind the scenes, not to mention checking out some fantastic things that I wanted to get my hands on.....and might just do so! There was also an insane variety of clothing, most of it wearable, some not but the creativity, detailing and colours that were used were to die for. I am also afraid to admit that I am an avid watch fiend and fell instantly in love with several that were out for show. 
The time flew by but after plenty of schmoozing, champagne and freebies it was time to head to the after party to do more of the same.....

Sheba Williams

Outfit for the evening - ignore the poor image quality!
*the last four pictures are mine, the others are from the wearers right website*

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