Into the Galaxy

I have been a self confessed Blackberry girl for years and when my contract finally ended I was up for a free upgrade.  I was wanting the new Blackberry Bold 9900 but it's not out till Christmas.  I know you might think that's not long away but I get impatient and my old phone was super old even the Vodafone guy laughed at me when I showed it to him.  Weep!
So I went away to have a think.  I do love the iPhone 4 but everyone has one and I like to have something   a little different to everyone else.  After much um-ing and ar-ing I decided to go for the Samsung Galaxy SII. 
Now this is an Android phone (the name just makes me nervous saying it) and I always thought they sounded lame and were nothing compared to my best friend the Blackberry, but I was so wrong.  The phone is amazing.  Firstly its so slim it's ridiculous.  It can fit nicely into your tinniest little clutch bag for an evening out which means more room for your fave lippy and blusher.  The layout if great with there being up to seven different home screen where you can put your go to apps, calendar and e-mails.  Then once you click on the applications you can go though seven plus screens again of all the apps you have downloaded.  All downloading is quick and easy and there are heaps more choices on the app market to choose from than on iTunes.
The camera is an 8.0 mega pixels and the photo quality is crazy (well anything is going to be better than my old Blackberry!)
So if you are thinking of what phone to choose I'd say, take a risk, don't stay safe with the iPhone or Blackberry and go for this little bad boy.  You'd be surprised.

Photo taken with phone

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