Australia's Next Top Model 2011

Yes ladies it is that time of year again where an hour of my week gets devoted to the one and only program I watch, Australia's Next Top Model. 
Numerous people don't like this program wether it be in the US, UK or here in Australia.  For me I just love watching the girls progress (or in some cases not) week by week, seeing them learn how to try different looks, work with their bodies and not to mention envy the amazing photographers that shoot them, clothes they get to wear and the sneaky freebies that get thrown in!

Here are a run down of a few of the girls who are still in the running to be Australia's Next Top Model (I hope you like that little bit added in there!)

Firstly is Montana.  She seventeen years old and is one of the quiet ones out of the girls.  She is defiantly the dark horse of the group.
I didn't really notice her at first but now, WOW she is amazing and just screams 'model'.  Even if she doesn't win the show (which I think she should) she will definitely go far.  One photographer saying that she should already be in New York.

First photo shoot

In Paris

Modelling in a Coffin!

My absolute favourite.  

Commercial shoot

Jess would have to be another of my faves.  She's a blonde tomboy from QLD with an awesome dress sense and quirky personality.  She didn't start off to well while during the early stages of the show she was rocking a black eye.  But she was able to prove them wrong and has taken some fantastic photos showing just how versatile she is in every shot.



Coffin shoot

Commercial shoot

Now the next girl leaves little to the imagination.  When I saw her in the line up of the top fifty girls, I thought that they must be joking (a little harsh I know) but boy have I been proven wrong.  Izzy has (or had) the brightest pink and blue hair I have ever seen.  She has an instantly likeable personality and rarely lets anything phase her....especially the coffin photo shoot claiming her boyfriend has three at home!
Most of her photos have been fantastic but like one of the photographers said not many people will want to cast a pink haired model.  There is only a certain market for that kind of look.
During the 'makeover' episode they cut her hair and were attempting to bleach her hair white, but due to the intensity of the pink they had to tone it down to a red.


Behind the scenes 


Neo is this confident, takes not bullsh*it kinda girl with masses of chestnut hair.  Until the judges asked her to remove it.  Stunned looks appeared and she revealed she had been wearing a wig.  Now to be honest I think she looks stunning without the big hair.  Her face is so striking.
Her attitude tested fellow contestants and also the judges.  In shoots she wasn't always able to give a range of faces/looks, maybe a bit of a one trip pony?
This still doesn't mean that I don't think she is gorgeous and has an amazing figure.




My final girl (otherwise this will be pages long) is Yolanda.  She is just so naturally pretty with a bit of a Yasmin La Bon look to her.  Fantastic bone structure, pretty with a wonderful personality. 
Yolanda has been pretty strong throughout the show not really showing any weakness along the way.  Some might think that she has a curvaceous figure for Top Model and might get stuck in just a few areas of modelling.  But I think her pictures show just how versatile she can be.

Breathtaking in a see threw sequin dress - Paris


 So as of this week there are 10 girls left.  I'm not entirely sure how many weeks there are left of the program but I will defiantly be tuning in every Monday.  Let's just hope there isn't a repeat of the Final last year and the best model wins....

Fingers crossed!

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