Port Douglas

Last weekend my Mum and Step Dad arrived in Sydney and they will be spending the next three weeks with us for Christmas.  This is their third time they have been to Sydney so we decided in their first week to head up to the far north Queensland to Port Douglas to show them a different part of Oz.  After a flight to Cairns and an hours drive further north we arrived in the hot sweaty tropics.
Everything is green and lush and due to the insanely hot temperatures, warm seas, blue skies and you are more than likely to see a croc while on your ventures.
It was a great week filled with rain forest walking, spotting crocs and snorkelling.  I even conquered my fears of the ocean (and water in general) while there and went snorkelling for the first time....and swam with a Reef Shark.  How awesome is that!
 Here are some snaps of the jam packed week....

Can you see them?

Bird dropping spider - pretty cool aye!

Me with a Sea Cucumber!

Yep vinegar is a regular site at beaches up there and no it's not for your chippies! 

Sting ray on the left and baby reef shark on the right


  1. Oh my... these beautiful pics make me miss Aus like mad.
    Thanks for dropping by :)


  2. love the photos! so many adventures:)


  3. wow... what a beautiful place :D


  4. wow..this place is fantastic...now you have a new follower :-)
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