Glossy Box #2

My glossy Box has arrived just in time before Christmas.  
I've had a bit of a full on week with work, buying presents or working out what to buy people and not to mention the busy shopping malls.  Bondi Junction is a nightmare during the day so at this time of year I am the 10/11pm shopper.  Not so hectic and its mostly guys frantically trying to get last minute things for their girlfriends/wives etc.
Off on a tangent there sorry.  So my Glossy Box.

As always it came beautifully wrapped and in its trade mark pale pink box.

Enclosed was:

* Tigi Haircare ~ Manipulator by Bead Head ( $23.95 - 57ml)
* Gorgeous ~ Lip Pencils ($25.00 per unit)
* CK ~ Forbidden euphoria ($60/$90/$120)
 * Clinique ~ Turnaround overnight radiance moisturizer ($90 - 50ml)
* John Frieda ~ Go Blonder Lightening Spray ($17.99 - 103ml)

First is Tigi's manipulator.  I'm not the most adventurous when it comes to my hair.  It's pretty simple during the day and if I go out in the evenings then i'll add some curls and volume.  This product smells like bubblegum which I love but it also looks like it too.  It's a pale blue colour and it so so sticky and gunky.  It looks like bubblegum when you have it stuck to the bottom of your shoe!
I will probably mess around with this before my hair is due a wash so I can practice with it and not end up with stiff hair pointing out in all directions!!

I've said in a previous post that I've been a bit apprehensive when it comes to lip liners/pencils.  This one from Gorgeous is such a beautiful shade.  A raspberry/pink/red if that makes any sense at all to you and it's such a soft pencil that I am rather tempted to give this one a go instead of giving it away.  Just need to find a lippy to match it....but that might have to wait until after Christmas.

Now I'm going to confess.  I am a bit of a Clinique virgin. So when I saw this little moisturiser making an appearance I was delighted.  It looks and sounds wonderful giving your skin a radiant glow after being left overnight.  I have a feeling my Mum might be borrowing this also!

Then we have CK Forbidden Euphoria and John Frieda's Go Blonder spray.

I've never really been a massive fan of Calvin Klein perfumes.  There is something about them that just doesn't sit right in my nose!  Don't get me wrong they are not awful scents, just not what I think is me.

I was a little stumped when I saw this.  I mean yes it sounds awesome but I don't have blonde hair (I don't have dark brown hair so this could work on me)  The instructions are to spray onto towel dried hair and to style as normal.  It also says the more heat used while styling the greater the lightening effect is.  I might try this on the ends of my hair to see what happens.  They are slightly bleached from my holidays anyway so whats the worst that can happen.?  Wake up bald probably!

If anyone has tried this or any of the other products above I'd love to hear your thoughts on them as most are pretty new to me.

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  1. You got some great new things to try :) the john frieda spray for blonde hair is a bit weird they expect all people subscribed to glossy box to have light hair? Hm. I love the idea of glossy box though and i wish they have something similar where i live :( would be great to try out xx


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