Monthly Favourites

This is my first monthly favourites I've done on my blog.  I'm going to be honest it's going to be a mixture of favourites and some of my bible pieces that I cannot live without.

Lets start with the items that I will keep using and using and using.  First up is my mascara.  Now if I was aloud one staple piece of make-up it would probably be mascara (even though it's a horrific thought and sight of me with no make-up on!)
I'm pretty sure that mascara was one of the first pieces I bought when I was about 15 and started to wear it to school (yikes that was like 9 years ago) which was not easy at my school as we regularly had 'no make-up wearing' checks.  Anyway I have tried brand after brand and wand after wand and am happy to say I have found my one and only mascara that will be with me till my grave.

It is Maybelline's The Colossal Volume Express in Glam Black or the Blackest Black.  This stuff is a god send.  The consistency is perfect and I find it never clumps on my lashes and the wand is jammed packed with bristles.  I can't stand mascaras that have the plastic comb or spiky stumps on them and that they expect you to put near your eye...erm no thank you!
This brand of mascara has been with me for years, through think and thin.  The water proof one is just a good and has fantastic staying power.  

I do have to point out that I have the most ridiculously long eyelashes and with this mascara it makes them look amazing.  It really lengthens them and I've never had any shedding of the product under my eyes.
If your looking to try a new mascara I would highly recommend this little beast.  

Please don't laugh at my next must have/I will always use this forever item.  It is Johnson's Baby Lotion.  
Now this really is something that I have been using forever and was introduced to me by my Mum for me to start cleansing and cleaning my face at night back in my high school school days.
I use this morning to clean and freshen my face before applying primer etc.  Then again in the evening to remove my make-up.  I find this has been the best thing to get all traces of foundation and mascara off leaving your face feeling so fresh.  I've never got on with face wipes, i just don't like the consistency and never felt they did a good enough job. 

Don't get me wrong I do dabble in other moisturisers but I find that this is best for my skin.  My Nan use to use it the same way I did and she use to have fantastic skin.  And being Italian is probably another reason why she looked so bloody amazing!

It's taken me ages to find a good base coat to protect my nails before I smother them in polish.  I found this one by Revlon.  It's a quick dry base coat and yes it dries super fast.  It also has a little whitening in it so if your nails are looking a little off colour it will add a nice bit of pazaz to them.

Last on my list is this little baby.  I bought this while in Fiji but I'm sure you can get it online somewhere.  It's called Pevonia.  It's to be applied to your feet and legs when they are feeling tired or after a heavy day of your feet.  It has a tea tree/eucalyptus smell and boy does it sooth your feet.  It has a gorgeous cooling factor to it that makes your feet tingle.  I really like to use this before I get into bed and let it soak in over night.

I do have hundreds more that I could put on here but this would then end up being the worlds longest post.  Maybe later I will just add on a photo of some of the others I missed off.


  1. wow... I love your lashes :D

  2. Ooh la la! Can't get over how volumizing that mascara is!
    I shall have to try it.
    As for Johnson's baby lotion, I love it toooo!

  3. You really do have the longest lashes!!! Might try the revlon base coat for the white tint to it!! I absolutely hate to consider only being allowed to wear one item of make-up - don't think i could choose!!!


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