Mini haul

As you should know by now, nail polishes are my guilty pleasure.  However while away my nails started to flake pretty bad and deep down inside I will always be a closet nail chewer.  I then proceeded to bite all of my nails off during a moment of madness.  All I can say is now I am well and truly gutted.  I now have stumps for nails again. 
So back to the drawing board with Stop and Grow and any other strengthener I can get my hands on.

Before all of that happened my lovely Mum brought over from the UK some polishes for me (which will now have to grace my toe nails)

From left to right we have.  OPI Meep Meep Meep, Revlon Facets of Fuchsia and OPI Gettin' Miss Piggy with it.

Meep, meep, meep is a beautiful shade of a raspberry red with hundreds of small flecks of silver.  This looks amazing on your toes and especially when the sun catches them. Sparkle sparkle.  Revlons Facets of Fuchsia has become a bit of a cult on blogs and youtube.  I gave it a road test and I find you do need several layers to get a good amount of purple sequins on there.  Not don't get me wrong it looks great once it has been applied, just its a bit of a hassle having to apply about 5 coats.  And last is OPI Gettin' Piggy with it from the Muppets collection.  
I actually painted this on top of a red colour I already had on my toes and it look fabulous.  In fact a looked a bit silly as everywhere I walked I was looking down at my toes!  Idiot!

Then we have these little stunners which I ordered from Office in the UK a good few months ago now.  

They are a beautiful egg shell blue and have gorgeous detailing on the buckles.  My Mum said they look a little like grandma shoes but hey they are comfy and look amazing on so they are a winner in my eyes!

Any finally was this really naughty purchase the other day.  I had just been paid and you know when you have that 'i'm buying all these Christmas pressies and nothing for myself' feeling...well I splurged on this (and no I wont divulge the cost of it).  Now its not very forgiving on the hanger, esp in my bathroom.
But it looks so so cute on.  I will be wearing it to a BBQ this weekend so will try take some snaps for you.

Right now this probably will be my last post.  I hope you all have a fantastic, wonderful Christmas wherever you are in the world and an awesome New Years.  I look forward to seeing everyones blog posts and youtube videos of what you got from Santa. 


  1. love the shoes :D and nailpolish :D


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