Old News, New Purchase - Topshop Allegras

I was one of the unlucky ones to miss out on the Topshop Allegra bandwagon.  I had been eyeing them up for ages online and with a bit of a hefty price tag it kind of put me off.  Then one pay day a wave of spontaneity came over me & I thought this could be my one splurge from the UK and by the time I hopped on there to get myself these little beauties, to my dismay they had sold out!

First world problem I know but I was slightly devastated.  Especially as our seasons are back to front from the UK so I shop for winter clothes in our summer so I am stocked up with UK goodies by the time it's our winter.  If that makes sense.
I know a lot of you will think it's silly of me to keep purchasing clothes from the UK but if you came here and saw just how expensive everything is, especially clothing, you would be doing exactly the same.

So every few days like a little desperado I would check to see if they back in stock and you guessed it....SOLD OUT. NOT AVAILABLE.  Weep!
Ebay was ridiculous and not even worth looking at.
On the Youtube and Twitter grapevine I heard about this website that does amazing dupe Allegras. It's called Chockers Shoes.  They were reduced and I thought why not, they look near identical so I purchased and was a content little bunny.

On the off chance the other day I was back snooping on the Topshop site at their boots and in the sales and what popped up.....
Limited sizes left.
I'm a size 39 but after reading lost of reviews on them I clicked for 40's and ordered there and then without a moments hesitation. And the best part.....they were reduced from 75 pounds down to 35 pounds!  YES 35 pounds.

I am now the proud owner of Allegras and dupe Allegras (which I will have to give to a friend or someone)  Anyone who is looking to get the dupes, they are fab.  Softer than the Topshop ones and the heel is I about half a cm shorter. If you are after the real deals, keep checking the site they might pop back up.

This little beauties are going to be perfect for the incoming autumn and all the rain we are suppose to be getting. Boo!

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