Say hello...... my shiny new camera.  It is official, I am in love.  This little gem is a Canon 550D, 18 megapixel, HD filming and just dam right amazing.
I use to (and still do have) and SLR camera which unfortunately is back in the UK.  But due to my excessive amount of shopping while I was home I was unable to bring it back to Sydney.  Weep.
With a delightful lump sum of my tax back landing into my bank account I though 'stuff it, I'm going to treat myself to something awesome'.  So I did.

The picture quality is crisp and bold and I can spend hours messing around with the settings, trying different shots and depth of field, etc.
Even though I do love digital photography I do miss the aspect of bringing to life your own photos from an SLR camera in a dark room.
Seeing the photos develop in front of you I found really exciting.  But hey.  Maybe when I get my SLR finally over here I can start using that again as well as my DSLR.

I don't regret buying this little beauty one bit and would definitely suggest to anyone who is interested in photography or wanting to start out in photography to get your hands on the 550D.

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