Mars bar parcels

As I had to buy puff pastry yesterday so the boy and I could make a pie using left over ingredients we had in the fridge, I had a flash back to when I once made Mars bar parcels.  I know it sounds horrible and a lot of people will think of deep fat fried Mars bars (which I have never tried and am a little scared too) but these taste divine and they are so easy to make....and yes a little unhealthy.  But go on treat yourself!

First you will need:

2x sheets of puff pastry
2x mars bars
1x beaten egg

Cut the mars bar up into cubes of three or four depending on how big you want the pieces.  Then you want to cut the pastry into long strips and then into a decent sized square. Don't cut the pastry too thin though as you want to be able to fold a good amount around the cube of Mars to make a parcel.

Place each cube of Mars bar onto a square of pastry and then another one on top.  Fold over the sides and corners making sure they are tightly together otherwise you will have melted Mars bar all over your baking tray.  Then get a pastry brush (or use your fingers like I did) and with the beaten egg, lightly cover the top of the parcel which will give the pastry a nice golden shell.

Put the oven on at 180C fan bake and leave to cook for about 10/15 mins.  It really does depend on how good your oven is.  Once going a golden brown flip them over so the base can get a little crisp and leave for another 5 minutes upside down.

Then once both sides are a lovely caramel colour they are ready to take out.  Leave to cool for 5 minutes then grab yourself a fork and dig in.  And yes is you offered these up to friends some will think that they are mini sausage rolls, but how wrong will they be once they take a bite.
They are better served slightly warm as the Mars bar will start to ooze out once you take a bite.
I would also recommend having them with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream which will make it go down like a treat!



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