Ebay... You either love it or you hate it!

I think I'm a hater!

Even though I made myself a lovely $250 from selling clothes recently, I find the whole process so high maintenance!
First you have to sort all of your items out, postage, how you would prefer the person to pay etc. Once that is all done and you have posted your things for everyone to look at, I then find myself constantly checking every day (or any spare moment I get) to see how many people have viewed my items, who's 'watching' the item and how many people have bid!

I find myself getting a little obsessed!

As it comes into the final minutes of your item selling, I was getting more and more excited. Then I got an email saying "your item has been sold" and another one and another one!
I couldn't believe it! Yes I had a number of ones that didn't make it but who cares I had a couple hundred bucks from selling MY clothes.
I was ecstatic!

However after all that excitement you then have to get the buyers details, wait for them to pay (which can take up to a few minutes or a day or so) then you have to get the correct sized packaging, parcel it up and send it off to the eagerly waiting customer at the other end!

I know it might not sound like much, but when you have about 11 items all going to different people it can get a bit stressful. That's what I thought anyway. And I know that there are people who have been selling and buying on Ebay for years and years. They must have it down to a fine art.
Well done you guys whoever you are! You defiantly put me and my one off stint to shame!

I think after my triumph this time round I'm going to end it on a high! No more Ebaying for me for a very very long time!

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