Goodbye language. Hello OMG!

In one of my own little worlds today while at work I received an email from a friend. It was just a fast and to the point (catch up) email but in this they used 'OMG!'

In the past I have never really paid attention to these little abbreviations but seeing it today got me thinking. Are we loosing the English language to lazy people who can't be bothered to write full words/sentences?

You could say it all first started when texting came into play and mobiles hit the big scene. Ok yes I will admit that when I was younger I did use stupid abbreviations in messages to friends but as I got older I realised that it didn't help towards my spelling, academically or even verbally! It also didn't look that good in messages or written down.
You hear stories of how kids at school today are so use to using this shortened way of writing/speaking they have now forgotten how to spell correctly in their books. This scares me a bit. Ok maybe not scares but it does worry me.

What are two generations from now going to be like? Are they going to be socially incapable of holding an intellectual conversation or writing in general?
Maybe partly to blame are programs like The Hills, Gossip Girl and so on. (Ok yes I put my hand up and happily admit that I do watch The Hills...guilty!) But I'm not that stupid to pick up their silly little phrases and "OMG did you just see that" rubbish!

It all comes down to laziness and people not willing to make an effort! Embrace the English language!

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