So last night my beautiful friends and I descended on the Ivy. One of Sydney's most notorious bars for the young, rich and the beautiful.
We got there just after 8pm on a chilly Sydney night. I've only been to the Ivy a few times before and I just absolutely love it.

It is a bar with about three to four split levels. As you walk in your a greeted with a beautiful open courtyard with a tree in the centre covered in fairy lights. All around the outside are bars with different themes. Elegant lounges with high backed arm chairs and heavy velvet drapes can be found in The Den. A sense of total luxury.
The lawn has a grass carpet with french styles sofas, extravagant plants and cabanas give it ultimate summer look all year round.
A number of restaurants, from Sushi, to American style diner to a classic Italian.

The Ivy bar itself has cozy little areas for you and your friends to enjoy the night with drinks, dancing and good music.
Though my favourite part if the whole bar has to be the roof to pool. After its many twists and turns of bars and cubby areas the pool in the summer is the epicentre. Wethers its during the heat of the day or a balmy summers evening, Sydney's guys and girls strip off to their bikinis and boardies to enjoy the cocktails and summer rays.
The pool is not for the faint hearted. You have to be confident as you are on show in front of some of Sydney's hottest bachelor/bachelorettes.
Some famous faces also make an appearance from Rihanna, Russel Brand, Kim Kardashian, Ruby Rose, Miranda Kerr, Erin McNaught and the cast of Underbelly.

You are also able to stay at the Ivy in one of their Penthouse suites. Uber modern and stylish the Penthouses come with its over jacuzzi, stunning bedroom and amazing lounge area. You also get fantastic views of the roof top pool and can even hire out the Penthouse for private functions. Brian McFadden recently shot one of his videos at the Ivy's roof top pool and Penthouse.

So overall verdict? I would say if you are visiting Sydney and want to feel like you are in another little world and want good music then the Ivy is your place. It is defiantly an experience and a must see.
The only problem is it gets so packed out you end up getting pushed around a bit and the dance floor looks a bit like a cattle market. Appearance I give it 10/10 but if you are wanting somewhere a bit more laid back and chilled then it would have to be a 7/10.

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