Vivid Sydney

Every night from 6pm to midnight until the 11th June, Sydney's Circular Quay and The Rocks light up for Vivid Sydney.
Extravagant light displays and projections get shot onto the side of buildings, into the air and onto the famous Opera House along with light sculptures just past the international Ferry Terminal.

This year the Opera House even though still outstanding was a lot more subdued. Last year it was blasted with bright colours constantly switching like a Chameleon.  This year it was all very neutral.  Ripples and waves appeared across the side of the Opera House which made it look like it was moving then followed by shadows of people, hand imprints and people rolling about over the Opera House.
If I'm honest I could have watched it for hours.
The Museum of Contemporary Art has colourful images/shapes and story like characters moving across the building.  There are also sections where you can take part and generate light by peddling your little legs off to get the below image working.  This section is great for getting kids involves and teaching them a little science.

The event is free and makes for a lovely evening wether you have just finished work for the day, visiting Sydney or are lucky enough to live in Circular Quay and have this has your view every evening.
It can get pretty busy, so if you can get there a little later in the evening.    It can get a little busy so it may be better to get there later on in the evening.

What you waiting for......get on down there!


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