Feet Fancies

Over the past few weeks I have treated myself to two pairs of some pretty kick ass shoes.  First up are my Miista Ori platform heels.  It is love when it comes to these little gems.  Not only do they look fabulous they are also ridiculously comfortable and robust.  I have been wearing these most days too work and have no blisters or soar feet after a long day stomping around the office.
Pretty good aye!  Certainly helps to pay a little money for good quality shoes and leather if you ask me.

Each design is unique to it's own some with a lazar pattern (like mine) others with bright bold colours and some with woven patterns.

Miista is a London based company (Hackney to be exact) and have taken off by storm.  So much so that they are now selling globally on some of the biggest websites.

You can find the UK site here.  I'd highly recommend you go check out these guys. Their shoes are phenomenal.

Finally are these tanned babies from Topshop.  I have tried to find them on the website but they have since disappeared. Sorry.  I will post the link if they ever come back.
I originally wanted these in black but you know how it is, when you finally get around to make your purchase and they are all sold out.  Extremely frustrating.  After about five minutes of checking out the ones below I clicked, paid and they were mine.

The first day I wore them the leather was a little tight and slightly squeaky and there were a few funny faces pulled around the office.  But after a day or two the were like slippers. Comfy comfy comfy.

I'm currently a bit of a sucker for chunky platforms at the moment, especially for every day wear.  They are so easy to throw together with a casual outfit.
Knowing that pay day is at the end of this month I really need to be strict with myself and my spending habits......but who am I kidding!


  1. HA! basically 100% in love with that first pair! Heyzus I need to get my hands on a pair!!

  2. Also love the first pair ! Gorgeous!


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